Tilly to walk 50 miles in 14 days

Five-year-old Tilly loves Shire horses and visits Shire Horse Society Approved Visitor Centre, Sledmere House at least once a week to see their magnificent horses.

Sledmere is Tilly’s happy place and when she grows up she would like to work with Shire horses and one day have her own.

Tilly has already walked over 120 miles in 2021, a fantastic achievement for a five year old. 

A new challenge has been set and during the Easter holidays Tilly is aiming to walk 50 miles over two weeks.

Tilly is raising money for Sledmere Farm Park, the place she has missed the most during this lockdown. She would also like to raise money for the Shire Horse Society as these animals are something she is very very passionate about.

Captain Sir Tom Moore left a very special legacy behind and has inspired thousands of people too. If you would like to support Tilly by donating you can do this by clicking here.

On behalf of Tilly, her family, Sledmere Farm Park and the Shire Horse Society thank you.

Sue Fox