The Duchy College – Breeding Survey

The Duchy College in Cornwall have put together a survey investigating why people breed foals in the UK and Internationally (for comparative purposes) and they would be very grateful if you would complete this by clicking the link below.

They report that conversations had with a variety of people in industry and with charities has highlighted that people in the UK are unaware of the current UK crisis, despite efforts to communicate this. The aim of their study is to investigate breeding practices, why people breed, what choices do they make when selecting mares/stallions, what happens to the foals afterwards. They say it is clear that the UK need to gain control over equine breeding and limit randomised and unnecessary breeding. They hope their findings will then support previous research conducted to help support charities and address the equine crisis.

To ensure that they get a good range and number of responses, they are asking a number of different bodies if they would be happy to help them to distribute the survey.

If you can help with this the survey it is listed below and should take no longer than two minutes to complete and provides different pathways for breeders and non-breeders.

Sue Fox