Stallion Premiums 2020

The Premium Panel ‘met’ via conference call on 15th April to discuss premiums for stallions and colts entered at the National Shire Horse Show and also those entered for a premium at home. 

Before the conference call it was agreed by the panel that the owners who would have been showing their horses at the Show would be asked for an up to date photograph of their animal to aid the panel in their decisions.  Those horses for premiums at home had been assessed and photographed in January during stallion approvals. 

It is accepted that this is not an ideal way to assess horses, but the desire to award premiums and payments to owners in unprecedented and difficult times outweighed the challenges that were to be faced. 

The panel spoke for nearly three hours on the topic and discussed each horse alongside its record, assessment sheets and breeding data (both where applicable).  The list of horses gaining a grant/premium can be seen by clicking on the following document. 

Stallion Premiums 2020
Stallion Premiums 2020
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Sue Fox