Results of the McNeil Family British Ridden Heavy Horse of the Year Championship

This championship took place at the Horse of the Year Show on Thursday 3rd October 2019 with seven Shires included in the class.

Shire horses stood in the top four spots with the championship awarded to Melindwr Lady Olwen owned by Montserrat Sport Horse and ridden by Abigail Gresty.

Richard and Emma Green from Lancashire qualified a record number of three Shires in this class and came third with Acle Supreme ridden by Vickey Eggleston.

Congratulations to all competitors representing the heavy horse breeds.

The awards are show below and taken from the HOYS Official Results

1st MELINDWR LADY OLWEN Rider: Abigail Gresty Owner: Montserrat Sport Horse

2nd LLANGWM HILL MONTY Rider: Ms Nicola Manders Owner: Kurt Manders

3rd ACLE SUPREME Rider: Ms Vickey Eggleston Owner: Richard Green

4th HORSMANS ACE CARD Rider: Mrs Helen Cowley Owner: Wendy Toomer-Harlow

5th EYKE DIAMOND Rider: Richard Telford Owner: William Ireland

Sue Fox