Members, owners and breeders are asked to note the following changes and updates:


Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Animal Health Trust DNA testing lab is closed. We have made arrangement for testing to be carried out by Weatherbys Scientific, Ireland, in the interim so that foal registrations can go ahead as normal. Please note that all hair samples are to have the microchip bar code sticker on them and that they are to be sent to Shire Horse Society for forwarding to the lab. Please DO NOT send samples direct to Weatherbys. Samples that are incorrectly labelled will be returned.


Owners are reminded of previous notices regarding the microchipping of older horses. All horses resident in UK, previously unchipped, must have microchips implanted and recorded on the Society’s records by 1st October 2020.


As a result of Brexit, all pedigree horses and germinal products eg frozen semen, that are to be exported must be accompanied by a Zootech Certificate. This certificate is to be issued and signed by SHS, and must be an original certificate ie not a photocopy of a previously issued certificate. Please ensure that requests for certificates are made in sufficient time to allow for posting. Certificates can be sent direct to the Stud handling the export of frozen semen.

For further information on any of the above, please contact the office on 01536 771611 or

Sue Fox