Passports and Show Entries

Polite reminder to all owners that it is a requirement under EU Horse Passport Regulations that changes of ownership are registered with the passport issuing office within 30 days of sale.  Delays in doing this can result in penalties from the enforcing authorities.

To register a transfer of ownership, please complete the ownership page of the passport, then send the entire passport to the Shire Horse Society along with the relevant transfer fee which is £16 for SHS members (£46 non-members). If you are not already a member and would like to be, you can do this online via the SHS website

If the passport requires any additional updating eg if the horse has been gelded, please state this when you send the passport, For horses that have been castrated but not yet registered as Non-Breeding, either the castration certificate must be completed by a vet (new style passports) or a letter from your vet confirming the horse has been gelded (old style passports), is required. There is no fee for re-registering to Non-Breeding.

If the passport has not already been submitted in response to the Society’s recall notice, the relevant updates will also be made. There are no additional fees for these updates.

Please note horses should be entered for shows in the name of their owners except for where a loan agreement exists and the owner has given permission for the horse to be shown.

This information is important so please act accordingly.  Thank you.

Sue Fox