New EHCs from 21 August 2021

The EU is making changes to its laws, which means it is necessary to make updates to Export Health Certificates (EHCs) and Notes for Guidance used to export goods to the EU. If you are a GB trader, who exports certain animals, germinal products and products of animal origin, these changes will affect you.

GB traders exporting their goods to the EU will need to use the new EHCs from 21 August 2021. Current EHCs signed before 21 August may be used until October for goods on route to the EU.

In April, Defra made available new EHCs for composite products, some POAO and a new ‘private attestation for composite products exempt from certification by an Official Vet or a Food Competent Certifying Officer (FCCO). You can find further information here.

We are now preparing to publish the remainder of the new EHCs and their associated Notes for Guidance. To help traders and exporters familiarise themselves in advance, around 30 of the new EHCs for some of the most commonly traded commodities will be available for viewing on Form Finder from 30 June 2021. The remaining EHCs will follow on 29 July 2021.

We will also issue detailed guidance and a summary document highlighting the key changes that you need to know about and we will continue to work with the EU to provide clarity on any outstanding issues.

With each release of EHCs, Defra will provide support to Traders with webinars and live Q&A sessions with an expert panel. We will provide more information nearer the time.

Key Changes

The new certificates represent changes for all commodities, but the most significant changes affect: Composites, Germinal Products, Meat Products, Fish and Animals from Confined Establishments. Defra will provide webinars where there are significant changes for commodities, as well as summary documents for use by traders.

Information supplied by

Trader Readiness Team

GB-EU Exports Delivery

Biosecurity, Borders and Trade Programme

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

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