National Shire Horse Show Update

National Shire Horse Show 2021

Following recent developments and meticulous planning, the Show Committee met this morning via Zoom and have agreed that the Society still plans to host the National Shire Horse Show in 2021.  The show will however be held only on one day and will take place on Saturday 13th March 2021 at Newark Showground and it is planned to run a full complement of classes. 

This decision has been made as it is likely that the show will need to be held ‘behind closed doors’ and be for exhibitors only.  It is unlikely that the show will be able to have mass public in attendance, however, the situation remains fluid. 

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The Society is doing all it can to run an event for the dedicated breeders and members, however, the show will look different to those of the recent past. 

Victoria Clayton, Society Secretary and Show Director said “this change is not ideal, but we are not living in an ideal world.  The Society and Committee have looked at all options and this is where we land.  We have to be prudent and cut our cloth in terms of cost, but also be realistic in what we will be able to deliver in light of Tier systems and COVID-19 restrictions which are likely to be in effect until the end of March 2021.”   She added “every effort is being made and we are being as positive as we can be, and it is hoped that the membership will support the show with entries.  We are looking into live streaming for those that are unable to attend and will have more detail on that in due course.” 

The schedule will be released in the coming week. 

If there are questions please direct them to the office, either using 01536 771611 or email, or please send a message via social media. 

24 November 2020

Press Release - 24 November 2020
Press Release - 24 November 2020
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