Heavy Horse Research

The Society is keen to learn more and more about our wonderful breed and as such we look forward to welcoming Katie Buncombe to the Show.  Katie is currently undertaking the first and biggest piece of research into heavy horses as part of her equine masters degree at Edinburgh University. 

This is the first ever study to determine the resting and active heart rates of a heavy horse, as well as aiming to determine the differences in recovery rates of those deemed to be “show fit” and those deemed to be “ride fit”.  Katie is planning to carry on and undertake a PhD and specialise in heavy horses. Katie hopes to narrow the gap in knowledge on heavy horses and hopes to be able to help our wonderful breed.

Katie is hoping to collect data from horses at the show and is looking for volunteers. 

The collection of data is completely non-invasive and involves a hand held heart rate monitor being held on the girth line for a maximum of 20-30 seconds, in which time she can record an accurate heart rate which will be recorded along with the horses breed, height, age, sex and body condition score.  All data collected will be anonymous, unless any owners would like to know my results or have their horses tested at various shows throughout the season, and no other horses data will be shared with anyone else.  If anyone would like more information please feel free to contact Katie on heavyhorseresearch@gmail.com

Sue Fox