Forthcoming Sale

We have been notified of a forthcoming sale to be held on 14 June at Roundhills, Bradford-on-Tone, Taunton (Greenslade Taylor Hunt, Taunton) with some interesting lots.

World War I Battle Ship’s Bilge Pump
Avery Platform Scales
Bamford Engine 1922
Blacksmith’s Bellows
Huxtable Turnover Plough C1920
Lister Engine
Market Cart
Morticing Machine
Oliver Wooden Beam American Plough (C1915)
Petter Engine Electric Generator Planet Potato Ridger C1900
Potato Ridger C1880
Ransome Horse Plough with Corn Dropper C1900

Pictures available by asking contacting Sheppy’s Cider Ltd on 01823 461 233

Sue Fox