Council Election – Voting Form

It has been brought to the Shire Horse Society’s attention by one member that there is a minor printing error on the Council Election form voting.   Although listed correctly with the candidate’s photograph, name and CV in the Annual Report & Accounts, Mr D Roberts from Devon is listed on the voting form incorrectly as Mrs D Roberts from Devon. 

The Secretary has spoken to Mr Roberts to apologise and has also contacted the Scrutineers who have assured her that this will not affect the election process. 

When completing your voting forms please be aware of this minor error and refer to all candidates CVs on pages 29 to 31 in the A4 Annual Report and Accounts which accompanied the voting form.

As publicised earlier, the return date of voting forms has been amended from Friday 9th April to Friday 23rd April owing to reasons beyond our control.

The date of the Annual General Meeting for members is scheduled for Friday 7th May 2021.


Sue Fox