Redcastle Tara

Name:  Redcastle Tara
Sire: Overbrook Spartacus
Dam: Skeyton Bethany
Foaled: 04/05/2014
Details: Eight year old stunning bay Shire mare. Previously owned by the late Ken Allison. Tara is a big girl, standing at just under 19 hands. Used to being handled, and is broken for riding. She has experience of harness when being long reined, but has not yet done any ploughing/cart work, which she so needs to do! Her mother Beth, now retired, was an expert on the showground, and I would love to see Tara follow in her footsteps and do the job of a working shire like her mother.
Owner: Jo Rycroft
County: London
Phone: 07961 364911
Date Posted: 19/04/2022