Regional Societies

Ashbourne Shire Horse Association

Derbyshire- Eastern Counties

Eastern Counties Heavy Horse Association

Essex Shire Horse Association 

Hertfordshire Heavy Horse Association

Lincolnshire Shire Horse Association 

Midland Shire Foal Society

Mobberley and District – 01625 861828

Northern Heavy Horse Society

North West and Wales Show Foal Society

South Eastern Shire Horse Association

Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association 

South Wales Shire Horse Society

South West Yorkshire Shire Horse Hiring Society

West Wales Shire Horse Society

Wessex Heavy Horse Society

Western Counties Heavy Horse Society

Area Co-Ordinators




Margaret Threlfall 07740125598 or email Lancashire
Laura Hagger Norfolk / Herts
Beckie Harvey 0771 2832226 or email Norfolk / Suffolk
Greg Rawlins West Midlands / Warwicks
Molly Langley 07906797594 or email Hants/ Surrey/ E W Sussex
Yvonne Simmons 07739644032 or email West Midlands / Warwicks
Megan Hoyle North, West, South Yorks
To be confirmed   Oxford, Wilts, Dorset
Melaine Teesdale North East
Robbie Manchester 07779568436 or email Cumbria
Valerie Giles 07900956314 or Somerset, Devon, Cornwall
Wendy Toomer-Harlow 07803905288 or email Essex
Ronald Brewster  or 07881508508