Young Judges Scheme


The Society holds its Young Judges competition annually to encourage new judges and provide support and training to aid the development of judges. 

It will consist of a team & individual competition and it is hoped that many of the competitors and those who attend the training sessions will then apply for assessment for the adult judging panel when they reach the age of 25.

The Society will aim to offer one National training day but it is hoped that each Local Association will run and offer training sessions and encourage their younger members to take part.  The training session should be run by breeders and judges and usually attended by a judge that has been on the panel for at least 5 years.

Training can be attended by members of any age, however the competition is only open to those who are 14-19 years of age for the team, which consists of three members and 18-24 for the individual competition.

The training events should cover the Standard points of the Shire (as attached), movement, general conformation of the horse and Judges ethics. 

The competition in 2019 will take place at the North West & Wales Foal Show on Saturday 12th October, 2019 at Southview Equestrian Centre, Wettenhall, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 4DL. 

The scheme is open to all Local Associations and Societies, the Society is actively encouraging all to enter a team and an individual if possible.  Entry to the competition is free. 

Competitors should be dressed as though they are judging a class and will have four or five horses in front of them to judge and place.  The judging will be done as per a usual class scenario, all the horses will walk round, but line up in any order.  The competitors will then be given a horse to start at and look at, the competitors will move on to the next horse after 3 minutes.  Once all horses been looked at standing still, they will undertake their stand show.  Once the team and individuals have done this they will write down their placings and hand them to the stewards.  Each team and individual will then spend 5 minutes with the chosen Society judges to assess their placings and reasons for the placings. 

The results will be announced later that day with presentations to both the team and individual winners. 

Please contact the office if you have any queries.  Good Luck!

Sue Fox