Novice Ridden Class – National Shire Horse Show

A late change to the class rule has been brought in to encourage and help the ridden competitors.

Horses of any age that have not been previously shown in ridden classes are able to enter the Novice.  The class is therefore open to horses of any age. Horses already entered should not have won a Ridden Class at County Level.  Horses that have genuinely been broken over the winter will now hopefully be able to come forward.

Given this amendment should anyone wish to submit a late entry, the office will accept them up to Wednesday 20th February.  Likewise, anyone entered in the Open and would like to swap their entry to the Novice are able to do so.  The spirit of the class is for genuine Novice Ridden Horses, not those that have campaigned in Ridden classes in previous seasons.

We hope that this is seen as further encouragement and support for ridden competitors.

Sue Fox