Calverley House Bonny

Name: Calverley House Bonny
Sire: Red Brae Mascot
Dam: Calverley House Blossom
Foaled: 15/06/2009
8yr old, 17.2 registered Shire mare. Sire Red Brae Mascot. Flat bone and loads of quality feather. Big mare with a big personality. Broken last year so low mileage. Has done three ridden shows this year gaining a 5th in the HOYS class out of 23 at the SHS breed show in March, won her first show on grass and 2nd place just a few weeks ago with highest conformation marks. Has done beach rides/pleasure rides. 100% to hack alone and in company, bomb proof in the heaviest of traffic. Not spooky at all. She did a wedding last year delivering the bride safely to the church. Good to clip, box, shoe. She isn’t a great lover of other horses so does live out on her own. Very sad sale of a much loved horse, lack of time and over stocked forces sale. Can be seen ridden by the judge at 8:40 at her first show.
Owner: Bob Lowrie
County: South Yorkshire
Phone: 07875414347
Date Posted: 03/10/2017