The Society ran a successful Heavy Horse Camp over the weekend of 17th-19th May 2019 at Arena UK, Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The camp was open to all heavy horses breeds and covered numerous topics over the weekend.

The weekend was run to educate current heavy horse owners and to encourage new heavy horse owners to purchase or existing owners to compete or use their horses for traditional and new activities.  All to preserve the four native heavy horse breeds.

Those in attendance listened and learnt from experienced men and women, judges, breeders, turnout and ridden judges to give them an opportunity to learn about the breeds and invest time in learning from people who have been successful in their relevant field.

Topics covered included:

Heavy Horse Conformation, Show Preparation & General Maintenance, Braiding, In Hand Showing & Ring Craft, Harness-fit and purpose, Ridden Showing and Ring Craft, Young Handlers, Horse Handling, Care of the Heavy Horse, Rules and Etiquette, and others.

The Society would like to thank all instructors, helpers, attendees and in particular Caroline Eagle for her help in organising the weekend.

Photographs by kind permission of Kev Wright Photography.