Methertingham Upton Dottie

Name:Methertingham Upton Dottie Sire:Metheringham Upton Sydney Dam:Metheringham Upton Avril Foaled:09/05/2014 Details:This impressive filly is huge for her age and is super quality. Just one year old has immense potential both in the show ring, as a majestic riding/driving horse or – with her lovely sweet nature – as an all round high calibre family horse (for someone wanting something really […] Continue Reading

Hermalphrodite Wagon

Name:Hermalphrodite Wagon Sire: Dam: Foaled:01/01/1902 Details:FOR SALE Lincolnshire Hermaphrodite Wagon Built by Selby of Blyton on 1902 Can be used as a 4 wheel wagon or 2 wheel tip cart Show condition £3,250 Contact John Cocks on 07979 290940 Owner: County:Lincolnshire Phone:07979290940 Website: Date Posted:25/06/2015

Dafarn Nanw

Name:Dafarn Nanw Sire:Moorfield Edward Dam:Cotebrook Loch Katrine Foaled:07/01/2008 Details:Black mare. Three white legs. Front left leg part white. Extreme good temperament. Lovely, soft and friendly. Grey hairs coming through due to her mother being grey. Owner:Bryn Williams County:Gwynedd Phone:01286 831378 Website: Date Posted:21/06/2015

Dafarn Celt

Name:Dafarn Celt Sire:Trem y Wyddfa Courage Dam:Bodafon Lady Diana Foaled:23/06/2014 Details:Bay one year old. Four white legs. Should make 18 – 18.2 hands. Very smart muscular young stallion. Owner:Bryn Williams County:Gwynedd Phone:01286 831378 Website: Date Posted:21/06/2015

Bodafon Lady Diana

Name:Bodafon Lady Diana Sire:Bradworth Carlton Dam:Bodafon Lady Hannah Foaled:27/05/2003 Details:Bay mare with four white legs. Wonderful mother for her two off-springs. Good temperament. Owner:Bryn Williams County:Gwynedd Phone:01286 831378 Website: Date Posted:20/06/2015

Dafarn Lil

Name:Dafarn Lil Sire:Ruskington Connor Dam:Bodafon Lady Diana Foaled:21/05/2008 Details:Black mare with four white legs. Excellent temperament. Ideal mare for breeding. Owner:Bryn Williams County:Gwynedd Phone:01286 831378 Website: Date Posted:20/06/2015

Burlington Park Tudor

Name:Burlington Park Tudor Sire: Dam: Foaled:25/05/2010 Details:Details:For sale – 17.2hh 5 year old gelding professionally broken to ride and has pulled a sledge. Broken to ride in January, Tudor has taken to riding exceptionally well. He is very willing and easy to train and with little experience won the dressage at the National Show in March. He is a big […] Continue Reading


Name:None Sire: Dam: Foaled:01/06/2015 Details:I’m looking for an English heavy horse working collar to fit large working shire horse. Does not have to be in perfect order but leather work needs to be reasonable. Not a show collar. 1920’s to 1940’s style. Please get in touch. Many thanks Owner: County:Norfolk Phone:01366 328040 Website: Date Posted:16/06/2015

Norseman Michael Mac

Name:Norseman Michael Mac Sire:Norseman Charlie Dam:Heathfield Jay Foaled:16/05/2013 Details:2 year old Gelding Grand sire Trelow Nicodemus Email or ring for more details Owner:Miss n zerk County:Uk Phone:02920792689 Website: Date Posted:09/06/2015

Norseman Georgia

Name:Norseman Georgia Sire:Mountbarrow prince Dam:Norseman lily may Foaled:11/07/2014 Details:Dam: Norseman lily may Sire: Moutbarrow Prince Grand Sire: Moorfield Edward Lovely filly 2 years old Please email or ring for more details Owner:Miss n zerk County:UK Phone:02920792689 Website: Date Posted:09/06/2015

Gorefield George Brownlow

Name:Gorefield George Brownlow Sire:Ruskington Hartley Dam:Gorefield Mystery Foaled:12/04/2014 Details:A tall 1 year old pedigree bay colt.4 white legs/blaze Terrific breeding; Dam Gorefield Mystery (Dam to Banhams ‘Acle Brigadier’) Sire- Ruskington Hartley Fantastic mover. Very good conformation and temperament. FOR SALE AT SENSIBLE PRICE Owner:Grahame Brownlow County:Cambs Phone:07787 414119 Website: Date Posted:03/06/2015

Bower Heath Barny

Name:Bower Heath Barny Sire:Southwood Frederick Dam:Bower Heath Beatrice Foaled:22/04/2013 Details:2 year old bay colt. 3 white feet with good hair and feet. Barny is well bred with plenty of body standing 18hh with Blackden Charlie and Cubley Charlie in his breeding. Owner:B Dulieu County:Hertfordshire Phone:01582 767891 Website: Date Posted:01/06/2015