The 300 Club

The 300 Club is a private quarterly lottery and is open to all members, family, friends and work colleagues and costs just £25 per annum per ticket.

The 300 Club is simplicity in itself to join and every participant gets the chance to win in the quarterly draws. Members of the 300 Club must be over 16 years old to join and pay by standing order (cheques are accepted).

All you need to do is decide HOW MANY NUMBERS YOU WANT, complete your details and the standing order form below and hand it back to a 300 Club committee member or Shire Horse Society office to get you entered.

You will receive a letter confirming your numbers and the winning numbers will be posted on the website after each draw. The numbers can only win once a year.

Although we are calling it the 300 Club, we will begin running the draw as soon as we have 50 members, but we will not exceed the maximum of 300 members.

The quarterly prize money is 50% of the money from the sale in each quarter, therefore the more people that join, the bigger the prize! Therefore, if all 300 tickets are sold, you could win just under £1,000

The rules are simple: The club will pay out depending upon the number of entrants with the minimum prize of £25.00 per drawer.
The draw for the prize winner will take place on each quarter day, or closest working day to the relevant quarter day. For the avoidance of doubt, the quarter days are: 25th March, 25th June, 25th September and 25th December.

Please download the rules and application form below and return to the Shire Horse Society.


300 CLUB FORM 2018 - Gift Aid
300 CLUB FORM 2018 - Gift Aid
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